Editing a Decal

You can edit a decal using the Decals PropertyManager or make simple changes by manipulating the decal in the graphics area.

  • To display the Decals PropertyManager:
    • Apply a decal.
    • In the DisplayManager, click View Decals , right-click a decal, and select Edit Decal.
    • Right-click the decal on the part, click Appearances Appearances.gif and select the decal.
  • To manipulate a decal in the graphics area:
    • Move it by dragging the pointer anywhere inside the frame (except on the rotation handle).
    • Size it by dragging the handles at the corners and sides of the frame.
    • Rotate it clicking the ring at the center of the decal to display an on-screen protractor that shows the decal angle. Drag the protractor to change the decal angle.

    The decal reference axis remains at the original decal origin, even when the decal is moved. The rotation handle moves with the center of the decal.

    A Selected face
    B Decal frame
    C Rotation handle and protractor
    D Decal reference axis