Adding Comments to a Snapshot

After you create a snapshot, you can add comments to it.

Comments are limited to 140 characters maximum.

To add a comment to a snapshot:

  1. In the Snapshots folder, right-click an existing snapshot feature and click Comment.
    A text box appears.
  2. (Optional.) Click Date/Time Stamp to add your user name and the date and time that the comment is added.
    The text added by Date/Time Stamp counts toward the 140 character limit. You can edit or delete the text.
  3. Type your comment.
  4. Click Save and Close.
    The comment appears at the bottom of the snapshot preview when you move the pointer over the snapshot in the DisplayManager.

    A snapshot named Home is created whenever you open an assembly. If you make changes such as hiding components, zooming, and rotating, you can double-click the Home snapshot to return the graphics area to the state it was in when you opened the assembly. You cannot remove or rename the Home snapshot and you cannot add comments to it.