Saving a Customized Decal

You can customize a decal by modifying an existing decal or by using a custom image to define the decal.

  1. Use the Decals PropertyManager to change an existing decal or to browse to a new image.
  2. On the Image tab, click Save Decal.
  3. Click Save.

    The folder where you saved the file is added to System Options > File Locations > Custom - Decals .

  4. If a prompt appears asking whether to make the folder visible in the Decals folder of the Task Pane, click Yes.
    The folder appears on the Task Pane. System folders are yellow. Folders containing custom decals are blue.
    To send models with custom appearances, decals, or scenes (including any required lights) to others, click Document Properties > Model Display, and select Store Appearance, Decal and Scene data in model file.