Sharing Sketches

You can use the same sketch to create different features.

To create different features with the same sketch:

  1. Create a sketch.
  2. Create a feature from the sketch.
  3. In the FeatureManager design tree, select the same sketch used to create the first feature.
  4. Create a second feature from the sketch.
    You can add additional sketches as required to create the features. For example, if one feature is an extrude and the other feature is a revolve, use the same sketch for both features, but add a centerline to create the revolve.

    In the FeatureManager design tree, a sketch that is shared by multiple features is identified by FM_multi-use_sketch.gif.

    shared_sketch_03.gif shared_sketch_04.gif
    Sketch used for revolve surface Sketch shared for surface extrude
    shared_sketch_01.gif shared_sketch_02.gif
    Sketch used for loft thin feature Sketch shared for boss extrude thin feature