Switching Between SpeedPak and Parent Configurations

After an assembly is opened, you can switch subassemblies back and forth between a SpeedPak configuration and the SpeedPak's parent configuration. You can select one or more subassemblies to switch, or specify to switch all subassemblies.

A SpeedPak configuration is always a derived configuration. A subassembly might have some configurations that have associated SpeedPak configurations, and some that do not.
In the FeatureManager design tree, the icon indicates a subassembly whose active configuration is a SpeedPak configuration.

To switch between SpeedPak and parent configurations:

  1. In the FeatureManager design tree, right-click one of the following:
    • The top-level assembly (affects all subassemblies)
    • One or more selected subassemblies (affects only the selected subassemblies)
  2. Click one of the following:
    Option Description
    Use SpeedPak For subassemblies whose active configuration is the parent of a SpeedPak configuration, switches to the SpeedPak configuration.
    Set SpeedPak to Parent Switches from the SpeedPak configuration to the SpeedPak's parent configuration.