Using Cutting Tools

You can use features to cut a solid model. The model can be a single part or a multibody part.

To cut a solid model with any of these tools:

  1. Display the base model you want to cut.
  2. Create the sketches, based on the feature to use as the cutting tool.
    The feature you select depends on your base model and the shape you want the cut to produce. Cutting tools on the Features toolbar include:
    Tool_Extruded_Cut_Features.gif Extruded Cut Tool_Boundary_Cut_Features.gif Boundary Cut
    Tool_Revolved_Cut_Features.gif Revolved Cut tool_Thickened_Cut_Features.gif Thickened Cut
    Tool_Swept_Cut_Features.gif Swept Cut Tool_Cut_With_Surface_Features.gif Cut With Surface
    Tool_Lofted_Cut_Features.gif Lofted Cut    
    You can also cut material using a solid sweep, where you sweep a tool body along a path.
  3. Use the feature to cut the base model.
    cutting_tools_extrude01.gif cutting_tools_extrude02.gif
    Extruded Cut
    cutting_tools_revolve01.gif cutting_tools_revolve02.gif
    Revolved Cut
    cutting_tools_sweep01.gif cutting_tools_sweep02.gif
    Swept Cut
    cutting_tools_loft01.gif cutting_tools_loft02.gif
    Lofted or Boundary Cut
    cutting_tools_lthicken01.gif cutting_tools_lthicken02.gif
    Thickened Cut
    cutting_tools_surface01.gif cutting_tools_surface02.gif
    Cut With Surface