Adding Costing Information to File Properties

You can assign cost-specific custom properties to SOLIDWORKS documents. You can add cost-specific custom properties to part files.

  1. Open the part and click Costing tool_costing_tools.gif (Tools toolbar or the Evaluate tab on the CommandManager) or Tools > SOLIDWORKS Applications > Costing.
  2. If the software does not calculate a cost estimate automatically, select options in the Costing Task Pane to estimate the part cost.
  3. Click File > Properties.
  4. In the dialog box, select the Custom tab or the Configuration Properties tab.
  5. Add a Costing-specific custom property:
    1. In Property Name, select an item that starts with Cost, such as Cost - Total Cost.
    2. In Type, select Text.
    3. In Value / Text Expression, select the cost property that corresponds to your Property Name selection, such as Cost - Total Cost. You can select from the following:

      Cost - Material Name

      Specifies the type of material used when costing the part.

      Cost - Stock Type

      Specifies the type of stock used to cost the part.

      Cost - Template Name

      Specifies the name of the template used to estimate the part cost.

      Cost - Material Cost

      Specifies the calculated cost of material used.

      Cost - Manufacturing Cost

      Specifies the calculated manufacturing cost.

      Cost - Time of Cost Calculation

      Specifies the time at which the cost was most recently calculated.

      Cost - Stock Size

      Specifies the size of the stock used to manufacture the part.

      Cost - Total Cost

      Specifies the calculated cost of the part.

      Evaluated Value displays the property value calculated by the Costing tool.
  6. Click OK.