Adding Sheet Metal Gussets

You can create sheet metal gussets with specific indents that go across bends.

To add sheet metal gussets:

  1. Click Sheet Metal Gusset tool_shm_gusset.png (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Sheet Metal Gusset.
  2. In the Sheet Metal Gusset PropertyManager, under Position, select:
    • The bend face or two planar faces that are adjacent to a bend.
    • The edge to be used as a reference.

      This can be any linear entity in order to specify the alignment of the gusset.

    • The point to be used for dimensioning.

      If you pick the edge you automatically get an endpoint as a reference. However, you can also choose another entity, such as a sketch point or an endpoint of a line.

      To move the gusset in relation to the selected point, check Offset and specify the offset amount.

  3. Under Profile:
    1. Do one of the following:
      • For a gusset that is symmetrical relative to the bend face, select Indent depth and specify a depth.
      • For an asymmetrical gusset, select Profile dimensions.

        Either specify the depth (d1) of one gusset leg and specify an angle (a1) or specify the depth of each gusset leg.

        To reverse the lengths of the legs, click Flip dimension sides.

    2. Select a gusset type:
      Option Button Preview Gusset
      Rounded gusset Sheet_metal_gusset_rounded Sheet_metal_gusset_rounded2 Sheet_metal_gusset_rounded3
      Flat gusset Sheet_metal_gusset_flat Sheet_metal_gusset_flat2 Sheet_metal_gusset_flat3
    3. If you choose Flat gusset, optionally, specify an Edge Fillet .
  4. Under Dimensions:
    1. Enter a value for Indent width to specify the width of the gusset.
    2. Enter a value for Indent thickness to specify the gusset wall thickness.
    3. To specify an angle for the gusset sides, click and enter a value for Side face draft.
    4. Optionally, change the values for Inner corner fillet and Outer corner fillet . You can also disable the buttons to remove fillets.
  5. Under Preview, select one of the following:
    Partial preview Full preview
    Sheet_metal_gusset_partial_preview Sheet_metal_gusset_full_preview
  6. Under Flat Pattern Visibility, choose how to display gussets in flat patterns.
  7. Click PM_OK.gif.