Creating a Conical Body with a Swept Flange

When you add a swept flange to a conical sheet metal body, you can use the Cylindrical/Conical Bodies section to ensure that the resulting body flattens correctly.

The Cylindrical/Conical Bodies option is only available when the selected path along which the profile sweeps is a sketch.
  1. Click Swept Flange Swept Flange (Sheet Metal toolbar) or Insert > Sheet Metal > Swept Flange.
  2. Select the profile and path for the swept flange feature.
    Sheet_metal_conical_profile Sheet_metal_conical_path
    Profile Path
  3. Expand Cylindrical/Conical Bodies and click the check box to enable the option.
  4. Select a linear sketch segment that is part of the profile to act as a fixed entity when you unfold the part.
  5. Click .
  6. Click Flatten Flatten (Sheet Metal toolbar) to see the resulting flat pattern.