Using a Gauge/Bend Table to Assign Sheet Metal Parameters

You can use the sheet metal gauge table to assign default values for the whole part.

However, you can override the thickness and radius with values that are different from the default value in the sheet metal gauge/bend table to specific features, such as edge flanges.

To control thickness and bend radius values:

  1. Open a sheet metal part, right-click the Sheet Metal feature and and click Edit Feature fm_edit_feature_button.png.
  2. Under Sheet Metal Gauges, select Use gauge table to select a sheet metal gauge/bend table to obtain the thickness and radius values for all the downstream features.
  3. Under Sheet Metal Parameters, to control thickness, do one of the following:
    • Select a gauge from the table.
    • Select Override thickness to edit the thickness value.
  4. Select Override radius to edit the bend radius value.