Converting a Shelled Solid Body to a Sheet Metal Part

It is possible to create a solid part, then convert it to sheet metal to add the bends and sheet metal features.

To create a part of uniform thickness and convert it to sheet metal:

  1. Create a block with the Extruded Boss/Base tool. Make the block 50mm on all sides.
  2. Shell the block to 1mm so the part is of uniform thickness. In Faces to Remove, select the faces as shown.
  3. To bend the part, rip the block between the edges of the tabs by clicking Rip Tool_Rip_Sheet_Metal.gif or Insert > Sheet Metal > Rip . Select the edge to rip as shown.
  4. Convert the part to sheet metal by clicking Insert Bends Tool_Insert_Bends_Sheet_Metal.gif or Insert > Sheet Metal > Bends.
  5. If you want to make a cut across a bend, drag the rollback bar before the Process-Bends feature in the FeatureManager design tree.
  6. Sketch a closed profile across one of the bends.
  7. Extrude the cut Through All.
  8. To restore the part to the bent state, drag the rollback bar to the bottom of the FeatureManager design tree.