Creating an Auxiliary View

To create an auxiliary view:

  1. Click Auxiliary View Tool_Auxiliary_View_Drawing.gif (Drawing toolbar), or click Insert > Drawing View > Auxiliary.
    The Auxiliary View PropertyManager appears.
  2. Select a reference edge (not a horizontal or vertical edge, which would create a standard Projection View).
    The reference edge can be an edge of a part, a silhouette edge, an axis, or a sketched line.
    Auxiliary views are not available from detail views.

    As you move the pointer, a preview of the view is displayed if you selected Show contents while dragging drawing view. You can also control the alignment and orientation of the view.

  3. Move the pointer until the view is where you want, then click to place the view. You can edit the view labels and change the alignment of the view if necessary.
If you used a sketched line to create an Auxiliary View, the sketch is absorbed so you cannot delete it inadvertently. You can delete sketch entities while editing the sketch.