Creating Secondary Members Between Points and Changing Profiles

To create secondary members between points and change profiles:

  1. Click Between Points Member for Secondary Member Type.
  2. Change the orientation of the model by clicking View (Heads-Up) > Left View and select the secondary members shown.
  3. Change the profile of the secondary member:
    1. Click Profile tab.
    2. For Type, select rectangular tube - Configured.
    3. For Size, select 70 x 40 x 5.
  4. Under Member Parameter, click to add a secondary member.
    Click to delete the selected secondary member.
  5. Optional: Adjust the offset using Offset from First Member and Offset from Second Member and flip it for the member that is selected under Member Parameter.
  6. Change the orientation of the model by clicking View (Heads-Up) > Isometric.
  7. Unpin the PropertyManager and click .
  8. Click Structure System in the Confirmation Corner to exit the structure system mode.
The Corner Management PropertyManager displays. Simple corners highlight in the model.