Creating Secondary Members from Reference Planes

To create secondary members from reference planes:

  1. On the Structure System tab, click Secondary Member .
  2. Click Pin at the top of the PropertyManager.
  3. Click Support Plane Member for Secondary Member Type.
  4. For Support Plane, select the Second plane in the flyout FeatureManager design tree.

  5. Click Link and click in Member Pairs.
    Link creates a chain of member pairs. The endpoint of one member pair is used as the beginning of the next member pair in the chain.
  6. In the graphics area, select the first two members under the Overhang as shown.
    The PropertyManager lists this member pair as Member1, Member9.

  7. Select the remaining vertical members.
  8. Right-click in Member Pairs and click Delete to remove Member1, <Select> from the following list:
    • Member1, Member9
    • Member9, Member4
    • Member4, Member3
    • Member3, Member10
    • Member2, Member1
    • Member1,<Select>
    The members in the list may vary depending on the order that you select them.
  9. In the PropertyManager, click Support Plane.
  10. In the flyout FeatureManager design tree, click the First plane to add another level of secondary members.
  11. Click .