Creating Alternate Position Views - Parts

In part drawings, you can use Alternate Position View to overlay two configurations of a part in a single view. The two configurations must already exist in the part model before you create the alternate position view.

This is useful for showing one part that you make from another. For example, you might purchase standard junction boxes that have mounting tabs, and then machine the tabs off. You can create a drawing view of the as-machined configuration, and then add an alternate position view to show the as-purchased configuration.

In this example, the part model has two configurations:
  • Buy_01 for the as-purchased junction box (with tabs).
  • Mod_99 for the as-machined junction box (without tabs).

To create alternate position views for parts:

  1. Create a view of the as-machined junction box (Mod_99).

  2. Select the view and click Alternate Position View (Drawing toolbar).
  3. In the PropertyManager, for Existing configuration, select the configuration for the as-purchased junction box (Buy_01).
  4. Click .
    Phantom lines show the tabs of the Buy_01 configuration.