Creating Hybrid Models

You can create a hybrid solid or surface body that includes mesh BREP geometry and standard SOLIDWORKS BREP geometry.

In many instances, hybrid modeling may eliminate the need to convert standard BREP to mesh BREP, which was often used to compare a standard BREP body to a mesh BREP body. With hybrid modeling, you can add standard BREP geometry directly to a mesh BREP body.

In this example, you have a model sword with a handle formed in clay.

To create hybrid models:

  1. Mold the custom grip in a piece of clay and scan it to create an .stl file.
  2. Import the .stl file as a graphics body, clean it up using graphics body tools, and convert it to mesh BREP.
  3. Add standard SOLIDWORKS BREP features to the part.
    Surface extrude and surface cut
    Cut extrude and fillet
    Boss extrude
    Because the blade is standard SOLIDWORKS BREP geometry, you could refine it with additional features. For example, you can sharpen the blade, add a serrated edge, or add back blade features. For the regions of the hybrid mesh body that are standard SOLIDWORKS geometry, you can use all the features available to standard SOLIDWORKS geometry. You have a subset of these features available for the regions that include both mesh BREP and standard SOLIDWORKS BREP geometry.