Custom Table Templates

You can customize standard table templates to save for future use.

To customize a table template:

  1. Open a model that contains the characteristics needed for the template:
    • Components
    • Custom properties
  2. Insert a table. In the table PropertyManager, specify one of the standard templates shipped with the SOLIDWORKS software; for example:
    • bom-standard.sldbomtbt for a Bill of Materials
    • standard hole table--letters.sldholtbt for hole table
    • standard revision block.sldrevtbt for a revision table
    • cut list.sldwldtbt for a weldment cut list
    • title block template.sldtbt for title block table
    • weldtable-standard.sldwldtbt for weld table
  3. Edit the table as described below, then save the table as a template.

    To add a column, right-click in a table column and select Insert > Column Right or Column Left.

    To add a row, right-click in a table row and select Insert > Row Above or Row Below.

    See Annotation Tables for procedures to adjust column width or row height, split or merge a table or cells, sort columns, and so on.