Insert Into New Part PropertyManager

You can create a new part from solid bodies or surface bodies.

To open the Insert Into New Part PropertyManager:

Right-click a solid body or surface body and click Insert Into New Part .


Solid/Surface body Select entities to transfer.
  Cut-list properties to Copy cut-list properties to File properties or Cut-list properties of the new part.

The total length of the derived parts is included in the cut list properties of the derived parts.

  Title Specifies the title of the part. If autonaming is enabled by the administrator, this field is automatically filled. If not, enter a title.
  Propagate visual properties Preserves the appearances of the select derived bodies when you insert them into the part.

Template Settings

Lets you override the default template from Tools > Options > System Options > File Locations.

Override default template settings Specifies to use an alternate template. The selected template is applied to the new part you create.
Part template Lists the selected part template. Click Browse (...) to browse to a different template.