Logging into SOLIDWORKS

You log into SOLIDWORKS with your 3DEXPERIENCE credentials.

Logging in grants you access to services such as:
3DEXPERIENCE Requires subscription
3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace No license required

You can also synchronize your system settings automatically across multiple computers while logged in. To synchronize settings, click Tools > Options > Synchronize Settings.

When you log in, customization and system options (excluding file locations) are synchronized by default.

You can synchronize the following settings:
  • File locations listed in Tools > Options and Toolbox/Hole Wizard.
  • Customizations including toolbar layouts, menu customizations, mouse gestures, and keyboard shortcuts.

To log in to SOLIDWORKS:

  1. In the SOLIDWORKS title bar, click Log In .
  2. In the 3DPassport dialog box, enter your 3DEXPERIENCE user name.
  3. In Password, enter your password.
  4. Click Log in.

You remain logged in until you click and click Logout user_name or your login expires. Closing SOLIDWORKS does not log you out.

Your login token expires 24 hours after login by default, or 7 days after login if you choose Remember Me when you log in.