Modifying Geometry with the Intersect Tool

You can intersect solids, surfaces, and planes to modify existing geometry, or to create new geometry with the Intersect tool.

For example, you can add open surface geometry to a solid, remove material from a model, or you can create geometry from an enclosed cavity. You can also merge solids that you define with the Intersect tool, or cap some surfaces to define closed volumes.

Open surface and a solid body Two halves of a mold
Intersect theme image 01.png Mold 01.png
The open surface defines details that you can add to the body with the Intersect tool. The empty cavity enclosed by the two mold bodies defines a body you can create with the Intersect tool.
Intersect theme image 02.png Mold 02.png
You can remove the geometry you do not require with the Intersect tool. You can remove the mold bodies and create a solid from the empty cavity with the Intersect tool.
Intersect theme image 03.png Mold 03.png

To create geometry from solids, surfaces, or planes in a part:

  1. Click Intersect tool_intersect.gif (Features toolbar) or Insert > Features > Intersect.
  2. Select solids, surfaces, or planes.
  3. Click Intersect.
  4. Select the regions to exclude and click PM_OK.gif.