Selecting Instances to Skip

You can use box and lasso selection to add or remove instances to skip in patterns.

Box and lasso selection availability:

Type of Pattern Part Feature Component Pattern Assembly Feature
Curve Driven
Pattern Driven
Sketch Driven Instances to Skip is not available Instances to Skip is not available
This selection does not work for sketch patterns.

To use window selection for instances to skip:

  1. Create or edit a pattern feature.
  2. In the PropertyManager, expand Instances to Skip.
    Selection orbs appear for all instances of the pattern.

  3. In the graphics area, right-click and click Lasso Selection, and select instances to skip.
    The orbs change to white, indicating they are skipped from the pattern. The instances are listed under Instances to Skip.

  4. Click .
    • If the selection contains skipped and non-skipped instances, the software toggles the instances from their current state. Skipped instances become non-skipped and vice versa.
    • Shift + select only adds instances to Instances to Skip.
    • Alt + select only removes instances from Instances to Skip.
    • Selection orbs for instances must be completely within the selection region to be added to or removed from Instances to Skip.