Using a Footer Row

The Template Editor has a footer row function that expands or truncates rows in a report to match the number of characteristic values you export. This makes reports look more professional and saves you time because you do not have to format additional rows or delete rows after exporting.

Any rows in the report template that are on or after the footer row appear at the bottom or on the last page of the report.

To use a footer row:

  1. In the Template Editor, open a report template.
  2. In Microsoft® Excel®, select the row that you want to appear immediately after all exported characteristics.
    For example, you might want a signature block or additional fields to appear on the last page of a report. Select the first row of fields as the footer and highlight the entire row by clicking the row number.
  3. Click Define Name (Formulas ribbon).
  4. In the dialog box, enter IXFooterRowXXX for Name and click OK.
    For example, enter IXFooterRow001. This entry is case-sensitive. The three numbers let you specify the footer row function on multiple sheets in the report template.
  5. Add more footer rows to other sheets as required.
  6. In the SOLIDWORKS Inspection Template Editor, click Finished.
  7. In the Save your inspection template dialog box, enter data and click Save.