Model Sets

Every project contains at least one model set and can potentially contain multiple model sets.

Multiple model sets are available only in SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional.
To access a model set, on the Models tab of the Palette, on the drop-down list click the down arrow:

Model sets can contain identical geometry or unique geometry. The geometry of multiple model sets is:

  • Identical when you copy and paste the same model from the base model set to others. In this case, the geometry is instanced.

    Some geometric operations you perform on a model that is present in identical model sets apply to all instances of that model across all model sets in which it is used. Examples of this are part splitting, animation, grouping of parts, and decals. If you animate a part in one model set and that same model is present in another model set, both model sets will contain the part animation.

  • Unique when you import a unique model into each model set. In this case, the geometry is not instanced.

    You can configure each model set completely independently from any other model set.

You can also assign model sets to configurations, so that a particular configuration can reference a particular model set. However, model sets cannot have their own configurations.