Quality Page

The Quality page lets you specify parameters that affect output quality and the number of render layers to control the resolution of image, animation, panoramic, and interactive renders.

If you select the Fast or Accurate renderer mode, you can also Enable Denoiser to improve the appearance of output by filtering out noise from unfinished and noisy images.

Renderer Selection Specifies the rendering quality as Preview, Fast, or Accurate.
Termination Criterion Determines the quality of the rendering based on a maximum amount of render passes or a time limit.
  • Time Limit

    Stops the rendering after reaching the time limit that you specify, regardless of the final quality. After the render starts, you can stop it early.

  • Quality

    Stops the rendering after reaching the number of rendering passes that you specify, regardless of the time.

Render Passes Specifies the number of iterations or cycles performed on the image. Each iteration or cycle increases the quality and reduces the noise present in the final image.
A higher value yields a less noisy image but takes longer. Consider using a lower value and selecting Enable Denoiserto get a less noisy image.
Render Layers Renders a single standard image if you select None. Any other selection also generates specialized output passes that you can use in post processing software to enhance the normal output pass.
Every render layer is saved as a separate image file.
Enable Denoiser

Uses the Denoiser for offline renderings. The Denoiser is not automatically used for offline renderings or renderings using the queue. This parameter is only available for the Fast and Accurate quality selections.

To increase performance, reduce the render passes to 1/10 of what you use without the Denoiser.

For example, a complex scene that needs 1000 passes can finish in 100 with Enable Denoiser selected.