Size Page

The Size page lets you specify the size and print resolution for image, animation, panoramic, and interactive render types, and the display categories for animations and panorama sizes for panoramic output.

Lock Aspect Ratio You can choose a size whose aspect (width to height) ratio does not match the viewport or current camera. The actual size adjusts to fit into the selected size.
This option is helpful when rendering multiple cameras or configurations with different aspect ratios.
This setting also affects the selected size presets.
Presets Choose from a variety of size presets from different categories as well as Backplates from the current project.
Width Specifies the width of the render output.
Output size can significantly impact render time.
Height Specifies the height of the render output.
Output size can significantly impact render time.
Unit Changes the unit of measurement.

If the unit specifies to pixels, changing the print resolution adjusts document size, and keeps width and height constant.

If the unit specifies a unit of length, changing print resolution adjusts width and height, and keeps document size constant.

Print Resolution Specifies the print resolution of the render output as either pixels per inch or pixels per centimeter.

Depending on whether the unit specifies pixels or a unit of length, this setting affects either width and height or the document size.

This setting also affects the print quality. A print resolution of 96 pixels per inch is recommended for display on a screen.

The print resolution is only relevant when choosing a size in a length unit, such as inches, millimeters, or centimeters. A higher print resolution yields better quality when printing an image, but also increases the number of pixels. As a result, the render takes longer.

If you intend to use an image only on a screen, define the size in pixels. In this case, the print resolution does not matter.

Save Preset or Save as new Preset Saves settings to an existing preset or adds settings to a new preset.
Information Read only. Displays information about the dimensions of the final render.