Importing a Backplate Image

A backplate is a 2D image that provides a background for a scene without affecting the lighting in the scene. Backplates do not emit light into the scene and do not receive shadows. Backplates always remain in the center of the 3D Viewport, orthogonal to the camera, regardless of where you move the camera.

You can use a variety of 2D image formats, such as JPEG, as backplate images.

To import a backplate image:

  1. In the Palette, click the File Libraries tab.
  2. On the File Libraries tab, select Plates in the drop-down menu.
    The Plates library contains all backplate images in the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Content\Plates folder.
  3. Drag an image from the Plates library into the 3D Viewport, placing the image in the background of the project.
    You can also load new backplate images by using the Palette toolbar, which is below the tabs in the Palette. On the Scenes tab, click Add and select New Backplate to add a new HDR environment.
  4. In the Palette, click the Scenes tab.
    All backplates that you have loaded into the project are listed.