Color Picker

You can open the Color Picker dialog box from various Palette tabs and several dialog boxes.

You can select the Color Picker wherever a color parameter appears. For example, when you select an appearance in the Appearance tab, its color parameters appear as strips of color. Clicking any of these color parameters displays the Color Picker to let you edit that color.

The Color Picker has all the standard controls, plus an eyedropper that lets you sample colors anywhere on your screen – even outside the SOLIDWORKS Visualize window.

To set a color using the Color Picker:

  1. Click a color parameter on a Palette tab or in a dialog box.
  2. In the Color Picker dialog box, use the Hue, Saturation, and Value sliders to display a color range in the upper right box, then click to choose the color.
    Alternatively, drag the color dropper anywhere on the screen to display an image in the rectangle below the dropper. Center the color you want under the red square.
    Using either method, the new color is shown in the upper left corner.
  3. Close the Color Picker to set the new color.