SOLIDWORKS® 2024 improves the performance of specific tools and workflows.

Some of the highlights for performance and workflow improvements are:

SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals

  • Graphics rebuild after exiting SOLIDWORKS options.

    SOLIDWORKS checks the changed options when you click OK to exit the Options dialog box. SOLIDWORKS only performs a graphics rebuild on the active document if the changed options require it. In earlier releases, SOLIDWORKS always performed a graphics rebuild on the active document.

  • Silhouette edges.

    You can enable the GPU hardware to improve the display of silhouette edges in HLR, HLV, and wireframe views.

    In Tools > Options > System Options > Performance, select Hardware accelerated silhouette edges.


Equal relations solve more efficiently which improves 3D sketch performance.

Sheet Metal

When rebuilding complex sheet metal parts with large numbers of sketched bends or jogs, rebuild time is improved by up to 50%.


The performance of importing STEP, IGES, and IFC assemblies as multibody parts is improved up to 30%.


SOLIDWORKS PDM 2024 has improved the performance of file-based operations.

The following operations are approximately two times faster:
  • Add files
  • Change state
  • Copy tree

    The copy tree to compressed archive operation is orders of magnitude faster.


Archiving a project for remote users (VPN connection) is improved and is much faster.


Performance improvements include:
  • Measure tool. Up to 20 times faster when opening the Measure pane, entity selection, and changing units.
  • Markup tool. Up to 10 times faster when creating markups.
  • Reset tool. Up to 1.5 times faster when resetting a model.
  • Faster rendering and printing with software OpenGL.
  • Faster times for closing files.