Parameters for Basic Appearance Type

The Basic Appearance Type is made up of a few parameters that are sufficient to simulate the most commonly used real-world appearances.

If you are new to applying appearances, start with Basic. Descriptions for all the DSPBR appearances and how to apply textures are available in the SOLIDWORKS Visualize help.

Parameter Description Value
Albedo Specifies the overall RGB color of a material. You can use it to apply color to thin walled transparent materials. RGB color
Metallic Determines the level of metallicness of a surface. Decimal. [0..1]
Roughness Controls the level of shininess or roughness of a surface. Decimal. [0..1]
Normal Adds the appearance of details such as bumps and dents to the surface of a model without changing the size of the geometry. Texture
Displacement Modifies the position of surface points using a texture that specifies the length and direction of displacement for each point. Texture
Cut-Out Opacity Adds a texture of holes to a surface without adding extra polygons to the geometry. Decimal. [0..1]