eDrawings on Mobile Devices

eDrawings® and eDrawings Pro are available for iPad®, iPad mini, iPhone®, and iPod® touch. eDrawings is available for Android™ mobile phones and tablets.

eDrawings for Apple Devices

You can download eDrawings and eDrawings Pro for Apple mobile devices on the App Store℠.

You can use eDrawings to view 3D ContentCentral® on an iPad. 3D ContentCentral is a free service for locating, configuring, downloading, and requesting 2D and 3D parts and assemblies, 2D blocks, library features, and macros. Start eDrawings on your iPad, and click http://www.3dcontentcentral.com/.

For more details, visit the App Store:

eDrawings for Android Devices

You can download eDrawings for Android mobile phones and tablets from the Google Play store at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.solidworks.eDrawingsAndroid (English only.)


You can perform the following with eDrawings:
  • Pan, zoom, and rotate 2D and 3D models.
  • Animate and explode 3D models.
  • View and animate SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD® drawings.

In addition to all of the features in eDrawings, eDrawings Pro lets you measure, add markup, and insert cross sections in models.