Basic Techniques

Tutorial Description Estimated Time to Complete

Add different fillet types to a model. Insert a library feature. 45 minutes
Revolves and Sweeps

Create revolved and sweep features. 30 minutes
Pattern Features

Create linear and circular patterns. 30 minutes

Create a part using planes and profiles, plus loft and flex features. 30 minutes

Use surface tools to build a model. 45 minutes
Sheet Metal

Apply basic sheet metal functionality, such as flanges and bends. Create a sheet metal drawing. 45 minutes
Sheet Metal: Forming Tools

Use formed parts in the Design Library for more efficient sheet metal part design. 20 minutes
Design Tables

Create variations of the same part by customizing parameters. 30 minutes
Assembly Mates

Create and test various mates in assemblies. 1 hour

Add standard hardware components to an assembly. 30 minutes

Learn the basics of importing and exporting files. Diagnose and repair import errors. 45 minutes

Learn how to customize the software including templates and user interface. 1 hour