SOLIDWORKS Connected Tutorials

Welcome to the SOLIDWORKS Connected tutorials. These tutorials are a new offering from the SOLIDWORKS User Assistance team. We plan to expand and improve them in the future until they cover all the major functionality of SOLIDWORKS Connected.

If you have feedback on any aspect of these tutorials, we encourage you to use the Feedback on this topic link above to send it to us and help us make the tutorials better.

These tutorials present SOLIDWORKS Connected functionality in an example-based learning format. They include information and learning actions that are specific to the cloud-connected environment of SOLIDWORKS Connected.

If you are entirely new to SOLIDWORKS, start with the tutorials in Getting Started.

If you are familiar with SOLIDWORKS modeling concepts but new to SOLIDWORKS Connected, start with the tutorials in SOLIDWORKS Connected and the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. These tutorials introduce you to key 3DEXPERIENCE platform concepts and teach you how to store and manage your data on the platform.
For learning tailored to SOLIDWORKS Desktop, see the installed tutorials available from Help > Tutorials in that app.