Auto Balloons in 2D Cabinets

You can insert auto balloons in SOLIDWORKS Electrical 2D cabinet layout drawings.

Inserting Auto Balloons in 2D Cabinets

To insert auto balloons in 2D cabinets:

  1. Click Cabinet Layout > Auto Balloon .
  2. Select a drawing view in which to insert the balloons.
  3. In the PropertyManager, specify options and click .

Auto Balloon PropertyManager

To open this PropertyManager:

  1. Click Cabinet Layout > Auto Balloon .

Leader styles

Leader style Specifies the predefined style to apply to leaders.
Block Specifies the block to use for the balloons.
  Scale Specifies a number for the scale to apply to the block used for balloons.

Balloon layout

Specifies the Pattern type.
Top Displays balloons on the top of the cabinet drawing.
Bottom Displays balloons on the bottom of the cabinet drawing.
Left Displays balloons on the left of the cabinet drawing.
Right Displays balloons on the right of the cabinet drawing.
Square Displays balloons in a square surrounding the cabinet drawing.
  Group balloons Displays the arrows of the grouped balloons with less tilt.
  Ignore multiple instances Inserts balloons only for the first instance of the same manufacturer part.
  Ignore terminals Does not insert balloons for the terminal strip.


Specifies the layer on which to insert the balloons.


Insert report table. Inserts a report table filtered from the content of the current document.
  • If the document contains a report table, select Update report table to update the report table.
  • The number of balloons associated with parts in the report appears in a separate report template.