Creating Blocks

You can create a named block or group of entities from the active file that you can reinsert into the file multiple times.

The named block appears in the block definition tables of only the active file. As a result, you can only use the blocks defined for the current file.

It is not recommended to create blocks in electrical schemes because it can lead to unpredictable results.
Click Draw > Create block .
Option Description
Ends the command.
Returns to the previous interface.

After selecting the block entities, a dialog box opens, where you can enter the parameters of the block.

Specify the following options:
Option Description
Name The block name, which must be unique in the DWG file.
Selected objects
  • Keep as separate entities. Keeps selected entities separated. The entities are not converted to a block.
  • Convert to block. Converts the selected entities to a block.
  • Delete. Deletes the selected entities. You can reinsert them with the Insert Block command.
Base point Enter the coordinates of the insertion point or select the option Specify on screen. (When you close the dialog box, click the insertion point in the graphical area).