Selecting Objects

You can select objects one by one or use specific features to select several objects.

Selecting Objects in the Interfaces

In a dialog box or a side panel, you can use standard Windows keyboard shortcuts when you need to select several objects, such as drawings, or components. For example, use Ctrl + A to select all the items in a list, or use the Shift and Ctrl keys when clicking to multiselect from a list.

Selecting Objects in the Graphical Area

To select several objects, in the graphical area, Ctrl + select the entities one by one to create a selection.

You can also use the mouse to draw a rectangle around the entities to select them. If you draw the rectangle from the left to the right, you select the entities included in the rectangle (continuous line). If you draw the rectangle from the right to the left, you select the entities that have at least one point included in the rectangle (dashed line). A specific icon appears to illustrate the selection mode.