Using the Electrical Content Portal

Electrical Content Portal (ECP) is where you can download content, such as symbols, manufacturer parts, cable references, and files for 2D layouts. You can also share links to an item (the manufacturer part, symbol, etc.) or the electrical package containing the item in the Electrical Content Portal.

A specific dockable panel displays the ECP interface. It lets you download content and automatically unarchive it into the respective libraries. In ECP, each element that you can download has a detailed view of its properties.

Select the list next to an item to:
  • Download the item
  • Link to the item
  • Download the electrical package
  • Link to the electrical package


You cannot access any feature without a valid subscription. When you connect to the Electrical Content Portal without a subscription, you are prompted that a subscription is required to use the feature.

Using the Dockable Panel or the Website

ECP is available in two interfaces. You can open it in your default web browser or a specific dockable panel.

To open ECP in your web browser, use the following:

  • Click Help > Online content .
  • Click Library > Cable reference management > Online content .
  • Click Library > Manufacturer part management > Online content .

To open ECP in the dockable panel, open the ECP dockable panel.


You must have an account on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Use your credentials to connect to the ECP application.

Downloading a Catalog

You can search a reference, or a catalog by using the Search command in the main interface. You can also navigate to the Catalogs tab to find the required catalog. After your search, click the required catalog to display its content. Click the specific icon to download the catalog content.

On the Catalog content page, you can click each element to get more information about its properties. Click + or - to expand or collapse the Properties section.

Unarchiving the Downloads

If you download content from the ECP website, the archive files are stored in the Windows Download folder. Use the Unarchive Environment command to add the content in the respective libraries.

If you use the ECP dockable panel, a new icon appears at the bottom of the panel. If you click it, a selection dialog box opens, allowing you to use the unarchive wizard. If you double-click the icon, you automatically unarchive the content in the respective libraries.

Sending a Request

The ECP interface allows you to send a request for manufacturer parts or symbols, which are not in the libraries.

Your request will be reviewed by our Service and we do not guarantee to provide you the data.