Harness Management

You can create or manage existing harnesses in Harness Management.

To open Harness Management, do one of the following:
  • Click Electrical Project > Harness .
  • In the dockable panel, right-click an electrical project and click Electrical Project > Harness Management .
Option Description
New harness Creates a new harness. When this option is selected, the harness properties dialog opens to let you specify information such as the mark, the function, and a description.
Delete Deletes the selected harnesses.
Properties Opens the properties of the selected harness. If you select several harnesses, the Properties dialog box displays only the common properties.
Add to harness Adds elements to the harness. Select the type of item to be added before you click this option.
Remove from harness Removes the selected elements from the harness.
Undo Cancels the previous operations.
Redo Redoes the previous canceled operations.
Tree Mode Displays the harnesses in a tree view ordered by location or function.

You can filter the list of harness by using the Mark and Function filters.

You can add elements to or remove elements from a harness. Right-click a graphical element (symbol, wire, or cable) and click Add/remove from harness.