Harness Properties

This topic explains the Harness Properties options.

To open Properties, click Harness Management > Properties .

You can add mark, function, and manufacturer parts, as well as manage user data.

Properties Tab


The harness mark is automatically calculated according to the electrical project settings.
Option Description
Mode If you select Automatic, the mark is calculated automatically according to the configuration settings. If you select Manual, you must enter the mark manually in the Mark setting.
Mark Displays the automatic mark or lets you enter the manual mark.
Root Displays the root associated with the harness (H).
Number Displays the order number assigned to the harness. You can change this number but you cannot use an existing number.


Option Description
Function Click to select a function and associate it to the harness.


The first translatable data field is for the harness. You can enter a description in all languages managed in the electrical project.

User data/Translatable Data

User data is present across the entire electrical project. It is used to store personalized information that is displayed in the drawings. There are two types of user data: translatable user data (translated during electrical project translation) and nontranslatable user data.

Click Customize to open the harness user data.

Manufacturer Parts Tab

You can add new manufacturer parts to the harness.