Location Outlines

When you draw a location, you can select the type of outline.

The dockable panel displays additional options. A list lets you select the type of outline.

When Zig-Zag is selected, SOLIDWORKS Electrical inserts a zig-zag line on the lower line of the rectangle to indicate that the whole location is not drawn. This option is not available on location outlines drawn in the form of polylines.

Location label lets you insert the symbol displayed in the dockable panel. This symbol corresponds with the symbol saved in the electrical project configuration. If you want to insert another symbol, click Other symbol.

A location label is automatically placed in the top part of the outline. The location labels are represented by a symbol and attributes that can display the data or properties attached to the location. You can right-click a location label if you need, among other things, to edit the location properties.

Configuring the Symbol for a Location Outline

Click Electrical project settings > Symbol tab.

Use the following options as needed:
Option Description

Opens the symbol selector to select the required symbol.

Removes the symbol.

Opens the symbol editor to modify it.

Symbols that represent location labels do not have circuits or connection points. In symbol properties select Location labels in the Symbol type parameter.