Adding Multilingual Text

Multilingual text is special text that you enter in all languages specified in the electrical project. It is stored in the database so that you can distinguish it from classic text.

  1. Click Menu > Draw > Multilingual Text .
    The dockable panel displays the following options:
    Icon Description
    Ends the command.
    Returns to the previous interface.
  2. Click to place the insertion point in the graphical area or in the dockable panel.
  3. Enter the text in the different displayed languages.
  4. Click the check box to use the electrical project settings parameters.
    The app inserts the text in all the languages chosen in the electrical project configuration. It inserts them with the parameters (such as font or height) defined in the configuration. If you clear the check box, you can select the language you want to display and customize the text format.
  5. Enter the justification of the text.
  6. Enter the text rotation angle.