Adding or Removing from Harnesses

You can add selected graphical elements to or remove them from a harness.

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Right-click an entity of scheme, line diagram, or cabinet layout, and click Add/Remove from harness .
    • In the dockable panel, right-click a component and click Add/Remove from harness .
    The dockable panel displays the following options:
    Icon Description
    Pins the command so that it remains active after the first use.
    Stops the command after the first use.
    Ends the command.
    Validates the selection and the options.
  2. Choose one of the options:
    Option Description
    Add to harness Adds the element to the harness.
    Remove from harness Removes the element from the harness.
    When the component is added from the dockable panel, the wires connected to this component are also added to the harness.
  3. Selection: Lists the elements contained in the selection.
    Delete: Removes the element selected in the list.
    The harness selector opens to let you select the harness mark you want to add the selected elements to or remove them from.