Managing Insertion Points

You can use insertion points in symbols or in title blocks, and in the specific macros used in XLS automation.

The symbol and the title block Insertion point behave differently:
  • Symbol - the Insertion point corresponds to a random point used to insert the symbol into the scheme. Generally, it corresponds to a connection point with a wire.
  • Title block - the Insertion point corresponds to the bottom-left corner of the title block. Typically, coordinate 0.0 is the insertion point for the title block, to ensure data integrity.

    For more information, see cross references and origin-destinations.

  1. To open an Insertion point do one of the following:
    • Click Edit symbol > Insertion point .
    • Click Edit title block > Insertion point .
  2. Click a point corresponding to the insertion point in the graphical interface. An oblique red cross represents this point.