Clamp Force PropertyManager

You can use the Clamp Force PropertyManager to set up the clamp force direction. You can also exclude regions of a model from the calculation of clamp force.

To open the Clamp Force PropertyManager:

  • In the PlasticsManager, right-click Boundary Conditions, and click Clamp Force.
Clamp Force direction

Specifies the injection molding machine opening direction to enable the software to estimate the clamp force in that direction. This parameter is optional. If you do not specify a Clamp Force direction, the software provides an estimate of the clamp force in all three directions (X, Y, and Z).

To set the machine direction, select one of the default axis X, Y, or Z, or select a plane, planar face, or linear edge of your model.
Selection of a model's edge is useful when the machine direction does not align with one of the default axes. If a sketch- based runner system is used, the sketch line of the sprue is generally in the Clamp Force direction.
Excluded Region

If a model contains undercuts or slides, you can exclude these regions from the clamp force estimation. Selects the geometry faces of a model that represent the undercut or slide regions. The software excludes the selected faces from the clamp force calculation when running a Fill or Pack analysis.

For example, the red areas in the image represent undercuts. You can exclude these faces from the Clamp Force estimation, along with the corresponding faces projected upward to the bottom face of the upper wall.

You can view the Clamp Force result:
  • In an XY plot where the single Clamp Force option replaces the default X, Y, or Z-direction Clamp Force.
  • In the Summary and Report PropertyManager at the top of the Fill and Pack summary where the Clamp Force of a user-defined machine direction is listed.