Duplicate Study

The Duplicate Study command creates a copy of the active plastics simulation study. The duplicate study is saved in the form of a new SOLIDWORKS Configuration. The SOLIDWORKS ConfigurationManager can then be used to navigate between multiple plastic simulation studies.

To open the Duplicate Study dialog box:

  • In the SOLIDWORKS Plastics CommandManager, click Duplicate Study.

Duplicate Study

The need for multiple simulation studies occurs as you investigate the manufacturability of a particular plastic part. For example, you can create duplicate studies to save and compare results from simulations with different materials, meshes, and boundary conditions.

  Specify new configuration name Type the name of the new plastics simulation study. The name of the new configuration is listed in ConfigurationManager as NewStudyName [part name].
  Copy without results Select to duplicate a plastics study without copying the simulation results database. This is useful when you want to modify study settings and rerun the simulation.