DriveWorksXpress Database

  • Database names must be unique.
  • Files can be shared between projects but not between databases.
  • You can create separate databases for each model. If your models use parts that have the same file name but are totally different, they must be stored in different databases.
  • You can store your project information on a network drive for other users to access. All DriveWorksXpress SOLIDWORKS files must have the same referenced location for each SOLIDWORKS user, for example, M:\DriveWorksXpress\ModelA\.

Dimension Values

When you run a specification, use the same dimension units (metric/imperial) that were used to create the part in SOLIDWORKS. If the model was created in one unit type and the input values are in another, your rules must provide for conversion between the units.

File Management

Storage for New Models

Model variations (clones) are stored in the same location as their corresponding master models. The cloned models are typically the same size as the master file, although the size can be reduced by automatically deleting unused features and subassemblies.

Updating After Moving Files

If you have recently moved your SOLIDWORKS models, open the top level assembly and force a rebuild. Save to ensure that all file references are updated. Do the same for any drawing files.

Using Files Created in Earlier Versions of SOLIDWORKS

Use a new version of SOLIDWORKS to open a model created in an earlier release. The file is converted when you save it and is no longer compatible with the earlier version.

  • Assign unique names to all the master models that you intend to drive or control.
  • Give assemblies different names than their child parts.
  • When naming parameters or form controls, it is good practice to avoid special characters such as @ , or <.
  • Do not give a custom property the same name as a captured dimension or feature.
Deleting Files
  • Deleting a parent deletes its children; deleting a child does not delete the parent.
  • You can delete the top level assembly only from the model list.