Working with Forms

Creating Forms

Create a custom form to set up the requirements for new versions of the model.

To create a form:

  1. Select a model you have set up for DriveWorksXpress.
  2. In the DriveWorksXpress Task Pane, click Form .
  3. Click Add .
  4. Enter a Name for the control, for example, Drawn By.
    The tooltip disappears and the background of the name panel changes to white when you finish your entry.
  5. Select a Type and enter required parameters:
    • Text Box
    • Numeric Text Box: Enter Minimum Value and Maximum Value
    • Drop Down: Enter Options separated by returns
    • Spin Button: Enter Minimum Value, Maximum Value, and Increment
    • Check Box
  6. Select Required if a value must be entered to complete the form. (Spin buttons and check boxes are required by default.)
  7. Click Create and repeat Steps 3 through 6 for each additional control.
  8. Click Test to test the form.

Modifying Forms

To modify the form:

  1. Select an item on the form.
  2. Click Edit or Delete .
  3. To change the order of the items in the form, click or .

Testing Forms

To test a form:

  1. In the DriveWorksXpress Task Pane, click Form pane.
  2. Add entries to the form.
  3. Click Test .
  4. Enter values in the form.
    A tooltip and a highlighted background indicate that a field is required.

    The background changes to white when you enter a valid value.

  5. When you are finished testing, click Design to create rules.

Setting Default Form Values

To set default values for a form:

  1. Click Test .
  2. Enter values.
  3. Click Set Defaults.