Using the DriveWorksXpress Rule Builder

You can type rules directly into the DriveWorksXpress Rule Builder dialog box or insert text or symbols from the Rule Builder tabs.

Shortcut Tabs

Select values from these tabs to insert in the rule window.

Inputs Fields from the form, for example, Drawnby.
Recent Text items created as shortcuts.
To add new values to the list, select Change Quick Text in the Recent tab and enter text or an expression such as delete | suppress.
Math Operators: + - / * & ( ).
Logic Operators: < > = <> <= =>; Not(), Or(), And(), IF( , , ).
The logical operators must always appear in English.
Use these controls:
A- A+ Changes the size of the font in the rule window.
Clear Rule Erases the contents of the rule window.

Translated Keywords

You can use either the English or the translated versions of these keywords to create valid rules on localized systems:

Delete <translated_keyword>  
Hide <translated_keyword>  
Show <translated_keyword>  
Suppress <translated_keyword>  
Unsuppress <translated_keyword>  
S <translated_keyword> Same as Suppress
U <translated_keyword> Same as Unsuppress

The language keywords True and False must be entered in English. If enclosed in quotation marks, they are DriveWorksXpress keywords and can be localized:

False "<translated_keyword>" Same as Suppress
True "<translated_keyword>" Same as Unsuppress
The following statements are both valid:

=IF(CheckBox=True, "<translated version of Suppress>", "translated version of Suppress")

=IF(CheckBox=True, "<translated version of False>", "translated version of True")