Assigning Custom Properties

You can assign properties to the model to populate drawing borders or automate annotations in SOLIDWORKS drawings. For your DriveWorksXpress project, you can add new properties or use properties already set up in SOLIDWORKS.

To manage or add properties:

  1. Click Tools > Xpress Products > DriveWorksXpress.
  2. In the DriveWorksXpress Task Pane, on the Welcome page, click Add/Edit Projects .
  3. Select from the Edit list of models already in DriveWorksXpress and click Open.
  4. Open the Custom Properties tab.
    The window displays all custom properties.
    Captured Property
    Non-Captured Property
    Select or clear the check boxes to capture or release the custom properties.
  5. To add a new property, type the name in the box below the list and click Create.
    Type text in the filter box above the list to filter the custom properties list.