Running Specifications

Once you have set up your project, you are ready to generate new models.

To generate new models:

  1. On the DriveWorksXpress Task Pane, on the Welcome page, click Run Projects .
  2. Select a model from the Ready to Run list.
  3. Enter values and use controls to complete the form:
    • Click Last Used to insert the last set of data entered on the form.
    • Click Defaults to insert the data specified as default when the form was created.
    • Click Clear to remove all entries.
    The form is displayed with default values. Required fields are highlighted and have tool tips .
  4. Click Create to generate new models and drawings.
    The results report, which lists actions completed successfully and any errors generated , includes this information:
    • Whether the master file was opened successfully and the new model saved
    • The names and location of new models and drawings
    • Parameters captured and driven (the DriveWorksXpress name, SOLIDWORKS name, and the value from the form)
    • Property rule sets
  5. Click Edit to correct any problems, or click Finish to create another model from the same specification.