Using SolidNetWork Licenses with Firewalls

If your computer uses a firewall, you must configure ports to support SolidNetWork Licensing.

In the firewall software, you must add two SolidNetWork License ports (for example, SNL-in-port and SNL-out-port) to the firewall exceptions list. For details about configuring these ports, consult with your system administrator.

If you are using Windows Firewall on a supported Windows operating system, you must modify ports on the SolidNetWork License Manager computer and modify the SolidNetWork license file to distribute licenses to the license client computers.

Modifying License Manager Computer Ports for Windows Firewall

  1. Click Start and open Windows Security.
  2. Select Firewall & network protection > Advanced Settings and click Yes to confirm the changes.
  3. In the Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security dialog box, select Inbound Rules > New Rule.
  4. In New Inbound Rule Wizard, select the rule type Port and then click Next.
  5. Type the port number in Specific local ports: (for example, 80, 25734, 443) and then click Next.
  6. Select Name. Type a Name (for example, SNL-in-port).
  7. Click Finish.

Modifying SolidNetWork License Manager Settings for Windows Firewall

  1. Start SolidNetWork License Manager by clicking Start > SOLIDWORKS Tools version > SolidNetWork License Manager version.
  2. On the Server Administration tab, under License Server, click Stop. Click Yes to confirm and OK to stop the license server.
  3. Under License Information, click Modify.
  4. Under Server Type, select the server arrangement for your network (Single or Triad) and then click Next.
  5. Under Server Information:
    1. Select A firewall is in use on this server.
    2. Port Number and Vendor Daemon Port Number should contain the port numbers specified for the Windows Firewall (for details, see the procedure above).
    3. Select Options File and click Browse to locate the file. Click Edit to change any of its parameters.
    The options file allows the license administrator to control the various operating parameters of FlexNet Licensing.

    Recommendation: Locate the options file in the SolidNetWork License Manager installation directory (SolidNetWork_License_Manager_install_dir\Licenses \sw_d.opt). This file must be in the same directory as the sw_d.lic file.

    For more information about the options file, see the FlexNet Publisher License Administration Guide in the SolidNetWork License Manager installation directory:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SOLIDWORKS Corp\SolidNetWork License Manager\Docs\flexuser\fnp_LicAdmin.pdf